Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRE)  CPRE certification establishes a national standard for managerial, administrative and executive parks and recreation professionals.

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Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP)  CPRP certification is the national standard for all parks and recreation professionals who want to be at the forefront of their profession. 

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Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) - CPSIs are individuals certified to inspect playgrounds for safety hazards and to ensure compliance with national standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

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A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. CPRE and CPRP certificants are required to earn 2.0 CEUs during each two-year certification period. 

Note: Continuing Education Units are different from Continuing Education Credits (CEC), or contact hours. A CEC is a different form of measurement and is accepted by other certification bodies. Contact hours may not meet CEU standards. If you have obtained CEC credits, please visit NRPA.org to download a CEU petition to convert to CEU’s.

Click HERE to apply for Individual CEUs    
This application is for certified professionals to request CEUs for a non-IPRA event he/she attended that didn't include CEUs with registration.

Click HERE to apply for Event Host CEUs
This application is for any professional to request and offer CEUs for a non-IPRA event he/she is hosting for other professionals.

How to earn CEUs?

1. Attendance at conferences and events (i.e. Annual Conference, IPRA educational programs, etc.) that offer CEUs to its participants. 
2. Academic credits can be transferred to CEU equivalents by taking the total number of classroom instructional hours and dividing by ten. For example, a 3-credit course that meets once per week for three hours for 15 weeks equals 45 hours of classroom instructional time. Divide 45 by 10 to achieve the 4.5 CEU equivalents. 
3. Professional Service Experience Points (PSE) can be earned through service you provide to the parks and recreation profession (i.e. Committee Chair, speaking at a conference, serving as an accreditation visitor, etc.). For more information about the PSE program click here
4. If you, as an individual, are planning to attend an educational program that does not offer CEUs, you may request that CEU equivalents be awarded to you within 30 days of attending the seminar. 

Who tracks my CEUs?

The quick answer is you do! Individuals are responsible for keeping track of their CEUs and for providing documentation of them when applying for renewal. The NRPA  Online Certification Center will assist you with tracking any CEUs obtained during your certification cycle. NRPA ONLY tracks NRPA CEUs for the certificants it administers.  

For questions or further information on certification, please contact IPRA Education Director Duane Smith at duane@ilipra.org .