To serve as the philanthropic and support organization of the Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IPRA) and its members, committed to the investment in today’s students and professionals within the Illinois park and recreation industry, by promoting and supporting the continuing education and professional development of its members and development of future leaders within the Association.   View Foundation Bylaws.

Goals of the Foundation:

  • To provide support and funding for 1) educational programming and 2) advocacy/research that will benefit the IPRA members.
  • To provide funding to support professional development for students studying parks and recreation, as well as professional members employed in agencies within the State of Illinois.
  •  The safeguard and management of the “Partners of the Future” fund, an endowment originally developed to purchase the IPRA Training Center building and continues to this day in the professional development of IPRA current and future members and the “Disaster Relief” fund, a campaign of fund raising and donations to assist in an park and recreation agency in need of assistance to unforeseen events of disaster and tragedy..
  •  To support the vision, mission and values of IPRA and its’ members.
  • IPRF Brochure

2016 Professional Scholarship Recipients  2017 Student Scholarship Recipients

Katherine Hassert       

Keith Jones

Lauren Kabrick

Matt LaPorte

Megann Panek

Erik Rivera

Karyn Roth

Joe Smith

Eric Wilson

Illinois State University: Amber Scarbeary

Chicago State University: Candise Green

Moraine Valley Community College: Joseph Johnson & Marina Uher

Southern Illinois University: Nicolette Hoesman & Steve Riedinger

University of Illinois: Leslie Camarillo, Lynn Kincaid, Maggie Phan, Mitchell Fransen, & Taylor Krawczyk


2017 IPRF Foundation Board

  • Chair: Michael Clark (Jan 2019)
  • Vice-Chair: John Curran (Jan 2019)
  • Treasurer & Sports Raffle Chair: John Wilson (Jan 2019)
  • Section Review Committee: Mark Badasch (Jan 2018)
  • At-Large: Cameron (Cam) Bettin (Jan 2018)
  • School Review Committee Chair& Joint Golf Committee Rep: Carlo Capalbo (Jan 2018)
  • Strategic Chair/recruiting: Tracey Crawford (Jan 2018) and Ray Ochromowicz (Jan 2019)
  • Disaster Relief: Michael Kies (Jan 2019)
  • IPRA Membership Council Rep: Jeff Nehila (Jan 2020)
  • Playcore/GameTime Grant Review Committee Rep: Chuck Szoke (Jan 2018)

Non-Voting Members:

  • Silent Auction Chair: Nannette Sowa
  • Joint Golf Committee Rep: Laura Barron
  • Student Scholarships/Volunteers: Lindsey Nicholson
  • Executive Director: Debbie Trueblood
  • IPRA Board Liaison: Rita Fletcher
  • IPRA Staff Liaison/Board Secretary: Jessica Kollman