The Illinois Park and Recreation Association Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction, establishing policy and ensuring the fiscal integrity of the Association. In order to ensure a strong vibrant organization relevant to the park and recreation industry, and one that can effectively lead the well-being of its membership it is imperative that a diverse and dedicated Board is in place to lead the organization. 

The IPRA seeks Board and section Board members who internalize the core value of integrity and that have demonstrated a commitment to the field of parks and recreation.

IPRA Board of Directors

Currently the IPRA Board is seeking potential candidates for the positions of Chicago Metro Rep and Southern Region Rep. In accordance with the bylaws, the Governance Committee will review and interview the candidates identified to determine eligibility, then make a recommendation to the Board for the slate, for election by the members. Opportunities to participate on the IPRA Board of Directors come annually in conjunction with the end of terms or as vacancies occur which may be filled in the interim per the bylaws.

Board Candidate Applications due – Monday, August 27, 2018, 5:00

IPRA Section Boards

The Section Boards of Administration and Finance, Communications and Marketing, Diversity, Facility Management, Parks and Natural Resource, Recreation, and Therapeutic Recreation all have current openings within their five-person boards. Please review each section’s application for specific positions currently available as well as candidate requirements, term limits and the election timeline.

Section Board  Candidate Applications due – Monday, August 27, 2018, 5:00

Characteristics and Attributes of an ideal IPRA Board & Section Board Member

Proven Performance
Leadership requires knowledge, talent, skill, vitality and the desire to make a difference. In the association environment that translates into a solid track record of contribution to the success of programs, projects or events.

Serving as an association leader is both an honor and a reward, but it requires a demonstrated commitment of the organization and its mission and goals.

Time to Serve
Participating fully in association activities requires extra time to prepare for and travel to meetings.

Understanding of Team Work
Many people contribute their efforts toward the realization of the association’s strategic plan. Well developed interpersonal and communication skills are essential to effective teamwork.

By virtue of the positive current leaders are mentors and teachers to future leaders. Enthusiasm for serving the association is an important ingredient that leaders must be able to pass on to their successors.

Ability to Subordinate Special Interests
Leaders often emerge because of their special expertise or effective representation of a specific constituency. Leadership, however, may require subordinating those interests for the great good of the association. 

Candidate Forms:
IPRA Board of Directors Application
Administration & Finance Section Application
Communication & Marketing Section Application
Diversity Section Application
Facility Management Section Application
Parks & Natural Resource Management Section Application
Recreation Section Application 
Therapeutic Recreation Section Application
Election Guidelines