Jeff Fougerousse, CPRP
Executive Director
Vernon Hills Park District
  Chair Elect
Erin Folk, CPRP 
Executive Director
Oregon Park District   

  Past Chair 
Matt Corso, CPRP, CTRS
Executive Director

  Secretary/Membership Council Rep                            
Conor Cahill, CPRP
Superintendent of Recreation
Rolling Meadows Park District
  At Large Rep
Trisha Breitlow, CPRP, CTRS
Executive Director
Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation

  Central Region
Doug G. Damery, CPRP
Director of Parks & Recreation
Normal Parks & Recreation Department
  Chicago Metro Region
Margaret Resnick, CPRP
Executive Director
Mundelein Park and Recreation District
  Northwest Region
Andrew Thurman, CPRP
Executive Director
Geneseo Park District

  Southern Region
Andrew Dallner, CPRP
Superintendent of Recreation
O'Fallon Parks and Recreation

Membership Council 

 The IPRA Membership Council is comprised of one representative from each IPRA's special interest section.  The Membership Council serves to improve efficiencies and to reduce redundancies of the various sections as well as to ensure the existence of quality educational offerings at section meetings throughout the year. One member of the Membership Council members is selected by their peers to serve on the IPRA Board of Directors to ensure the needs and expectations of members participating in sections are represented. 

Bret Fahnstrom:  Administration & Finance Section Rep (2017-2019)

Matt LaPorte:  Facility Management Section Rep (2017-2019)

Keith Wallace:  Diversity Section Rep (2017-2019)

Laura Finch:  Communication & Marketing Section Rep (2018-2020)

Nicole Estrada:  Therapeutic Section Rep (2017-2019) 

Erika Strojinc:  Recreation Section Rep (2017-2019)

Ed Bjes:  Parks & Natural Resources Section Rep (2019-2021)