CityTech Salary Survey

Take a fresh look at the CityTech Salary Survey! The value of the IPRA salary survey tool depends on getting accurate and up to date information from our members. If you’ve never participated in the salary survey or have not participated for a while, there have been a number of improvements based on feedback from users.  

The IPRA City Tech Salary Survey has excellent research on the online Discussion Board including:

Criminal  Background Check

Elected Officials and Computer Use Policy

First Aid and CPR Training

Job Openings

If you are a member of City Tech, we encourage you to log in to view these documents. If you are not a member, visit to sign up for a free trial or call Brad Folkens with City Tech at (630) 541-5489.

The IPRA City Tech Salary Survey subscription starts as low as $100 per district depending on the size of your budget. For more information on this program, visit our web page.


Why participate in the IPRA CityTech Salary Survey?

  Lower fees for IPRA members! Another valuable membership benefit provided by IPRA. 

  •    $350 for agencies with operating budgets of more than $7 Million
  •    $225 for agencies with operating budgets of $4-$7 Million
  •    $100 for agencies with operating budgets of less than $4 Million

      Access to:

  •  Current salary data from more than 80 Illinois park districts, forest preserves and SRAs who are actively participating in the salary survey. 

  •  Data from local municipalities in addition to park districts…great for comparing administrative, accounting, payroll, maintenance, IT, HR and marketing positions.  

  •  Benchmark data including EAV, population, operating budget, number of employees and more.     

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