We are fortunate to make our living in the very dynamic and rewarding profession of parks and recreation.  Regardless of the position you hold,  you are making a difference in the lives of your constituency. Though your journey is not over, we are asking you to Pay it Forward, to reach back and help equip the next generation of park and recreation professionals.

How? Through a tax deductible donation to the Illinois Park and Recreation Foundation. The endowment is housed within the Illinois Park and Recreation Foundation and only the interest earned can be used to support IPRA member’s educational and professional development needs. The principal will remain intact to ensure that the funds donated by individuals like you, will be used to help build the future of parks and recreation professionals throughout the state of Illinois for years to come.

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alt alt  Congratulations to the winners of the IPRF Sports Raffle!  Thank you for supporting our students and the future professionals in our field!  alt



Thank You to Our Generous 2016 Donors

Dean Bissias
Jeff Boubelik
Jeff Braun
John Curran
Charles Dockery
Keith Frankland
Stephen Gonzalez
Linda Gryziecki
Rita Fletcher
Rick Hanetho

John Hecker
Mary Jeanne Hutchison
Debbie Carlson Kudla
Chris Leiner
Sandra Meyers
Sue Micklevitz
David Moss
Ray Ochromowicz
Chuck Szoke
John Wilson

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